We create custom, unique, extraordinary, live entertainment for every season, for every audience, for YOU!

Script and Songs

Our critically acclaimed and award winning writers will work directly with you to create a story and script for your particular location, audience and demographic including original songs and/or licensed famous hits edited together specifically for your new show!

Sets, Costumes, Go . . .

We do it all. Our world-class designers at Little Spider Creations will build your sets, we will create the costumes, cast, direct, choreograph and do everything else it takes to make sure your new show is the biggest hit your venue has ever had! Guaranteed! We provide completely finished turnkey shows with our professional cast of NY, Broadway and LA performers or if you prefer we will work directly with your local cast of talented actors.

Home for the Holidays - Original Musical

Great custom shows for Halloween, Holidays, Summer, Spring and Special Occasions

CUR2ED - Best Entertainment at Frightfest Six Flags America 2018




The Ghost Patrol arrive at Warwick Manor to solve the mystery of Bob the Ghost but get caught in his trap instead. CURSED is a musical caper of scares and laughs for the whole family - or PG-13. You choose.

CUR2ED - House of Voodoo


The Ghost Patrol returns to solve a brand new musical mystery. When they  unexpectedly find themselves trapped in the House of Voodoo trying  desperately to save their souls from the High Priestess and her dark  magic – they accidentally awaken Papa Legba and all hell breaks loose!




“CUR2ED: After Dark” plays like an adult, paranormal version of the musical comedy “Rock of Ages.”

The entire cast’s singing is spectacular throughout.